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Art Procurement and Consulting Services in Toronto Exquisite Artwork to Transform Your Client's Corporate, Public, Hospitality or Residential Space

Art Procurement and Consulting Services in Toronto Exquisite Artwork to Transform Your Client's Corporate, Public, Hospitality or Residential Space

Discover Our Comprehensive Art Procurement And Consulting Services In Toronto,

Designed To Infuse Your Client's Space With Captivating Works Of Art.

From full art planning to collaborating with interior designers and offering a diverse range of artwork, we have

everything you need to curate the perfect ambiance for your client's environment.

Contact us to explore a world of art and curated collections at our gallery.

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Art That Inspires and Creates Atmosphere

Experience a Fusion of Art and Design for Your Client's Space

Timeless Artwork, a Lasting Investment for Enduring Impact

Sophisticated Art Curation for Every Project and Price Point

Art Planning and Flawless Execution: From Inception to Culmination

Experience seamless art planning in Toronto and surrounding areas. We handle every aspect, from gathering project details to sourcing, delivery, and installation, allowing you to focus on creative direction and witness your vision come to life.

You will benefit from:

  • Conceptualization Excellence

  • Detailed Site Visits

  • Meticulous Planning and Proposals

  • An Effortless Approval Process

  • Seamless Delivery and Installation

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Interior Designer Partnership: Empowering Your Vision With Access to Our Unparalleled Selection of Artwork

We invite interior designers to collaborate with us for a seamless art procurement experience. Our exceptional expertise, combined with your creative direction, culminates in unique artwork for your clients that leaves an indelible impression.

You will benefit from:

  • An Endless Gallery Selection

  • Customizable Retail Prices

  • Direct Client Billing

  • Lucrative Commissions

  • Collaborative Art Partnerships

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Trade Exclusive Gallery Access To Our Unrivalled Full-Service Art Gallery

Denison Gallery welcomes design professionals including interior designers, interior decorators, home builders/developers, architects, and home stagers to immerse yourselves in our unparalleled array of art in diverse media and price ranges. Our art curation endeavours to minimize your sourcing efforts while unveiling limitless possibilities to reflect your design vision.

You will benefit from:

  • Diverse Artistic Mediums

  • Custom Artwork Creation

  • Tailored Art Installations

  • Brand-Centric Art Solutions

  • Personalized Art Consultations

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Complimentary One-Hour Consultation to Ignite Creative Visions

Begin the path to realizing your design vision with our free one-hour consultation. Explore ideas and possibilities as we embark on your creative journey, with complimentary process work if your project proceeds to completion.

You will benefit from:

  • Expert Guidance

  • Project Viability Assessment

  • Complimentary Conceptualization

  • Transparent Billing

  • Artistic Collaboration


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In-House Framing, Seamless Delivery, and Precision Installation Services

Entrust your artistic vision to our expertise as we offer comprehensive services from in-house framing to seamless delivery and precise installation. Save time and expenses while indulging in artfully tailored solutions to suit your design needs and tastes.

You will benefit from:

  • In-House Framing Expertise

  • Expeditious Delivery

  • Skilled Installation

  • Tailored Solutions for Your Design

  • Comprehensive Services for Cost and Time Efficiency


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Denison Gallery serves interior designers, architects and trades across Ontario, including the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) Toronto, Hamilton, Vaughan, Brampton, Kitchener, Maple, and Richmond Hill.