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Art Planning and Flawless Execution: From Inception to Culmination

Art Project Planning and Flawless Execution: From Inception to Culmination

Experience Denison Gallery's Full-Service Art Planning in Toronto

Let our art consultants plan, curate, deliver and install the perfect art pieces tailored to your design vision. With our extensive expertise and unrivalled collection of artwork, we will ensure that all curated artwork authentically reflects your brand identity and core values to create an environment that is inspirational and leaves a lasting impression. Let's connect to discuss how we can bring your project to fruition.

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Expert Art Planning: Your Organization's Narrative Told Through Art

Denison Gallery provides expert art planning, ensuring the art in your space profoundly impacts how people find inspiration and connect with your company. Using our expertise and practical knowledge in the arts, we manage large-scale projects and collaborations with artists, designers, and architects globally working with a variety of clients from corporate to hospitality, healthcare to development, Our meticulous process curates a cohesive art collection that harmonizes with your space, timeline, and budget, while authentically reflecting your brand, values, and narrative

The Art Planning Process Includes:

  • Site Visit: We consult with you to grasp your brand, values, and vision. We assess space, measure walls, and align art to enhance the design of your space. We meticulously gather all details to ensure our tailored art selection reflects your interests, aesthetics, timeline, and budget.

  • Planning: Our custom-tailored art planning process ensures careful alignment with your project's vision, floor plans, themes and objectives. Our focus is on every brushstroke reflecting your design vision with unparalleled precision.

  • Proposal: Our comprehensive proposal report details selected artwork pieces, their sizes and recommended placement, laying the foundation for your project's aesthetic

  • Approval: The approval process welcomes your feedback and any revisions ensuring your vision is at the forefront. We curate the perfect art selection that resonates with your artistic narrative.

  • Delivery: You will experience expertly crafted and elegantly framed artwork delivered to your desired location.

  • Installation: Our experienced team will securely install your artwork with the utmost precision ensuring the highest standards of safety and presentation.


Denison Gallery serves interior designers, architects and trades across Ontario, including the Greater Toronto Area (GTA),Toronto, Hamilton, Vaughan, Brampton, Kitchener, Maple, and Richmond Hill.